My Story

I am Pharmacist Ibinye Boroh, the founder and CEO of Almonds Herbal Remedies Ltd., the makers of Almonds Slimming Tea.

I grew up admiring those who made medicines for the sick. In my earlier years, I would watch pharmacists and dispensers roll out drugs to sick patients at the government hospitals. That led me narrowing my choice of subjects while at high school to the sciences and later chose Pharmacy as a course of study.

Not done with the routine pharmacist job of drug counselling and dispensing, I opted for a more interesting field of producing good traditional compliments to conventional drugs using medicinal plants. This interest took me to China where I was trained in different hospitals on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese exposure afforded me the necessary expertise at making medicines using safe and effective plants with medicinal properties. The result of this was the production of many formulas and remedies traditionally used in the treatment of diseases. One of such formulas is the very popular Almonds Slimming Tea which is used in the management of excess body weight.


Almonds Slimming Tea is primarily used in excess weight management. Produced in a world class manufacturing facility in Beijing, the tea consists of well researched natural plant ingredients that act in synergy to increase carbohydrate and fat metabolism, clear lipids from the blood stream, ease abdominal bloating, clear the colon of waste matter and encourage the excretion of excessive fluid where water retention is implicated.
Because of its lipid clearing capabilities and diuretic action, the tea is extremely useful in hypertension and oedema.

The tea consists of the following ingredients.Camelia Sinensis leaf 40%
Lonicera Caprifolium flower 15%
Cassia Angustifolia seeds 12%
Nelumbo Nucifera leaf 14%
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum leaf 10%
Crataegus Pinnatifida fruit 7%
Cassia Angustifolia leaf 1%
Honey 1%